About Us

A Heavenly Abode

Your days are spent in claustrophobic transit. You devote your attention to the people you love, and you give them your all. For you, we bring Elysian. At Elysian, we devote ourselves to you. Right from the moment you enter to your reluctant departure, you will be immersed in luxury and engulfed by comfort. Tension ceases to take up space in your body, and is replaced by tranquillity. At Elysian, your wellness, happiness and contentment are all we seek to achieve.


Nature’s Therapy

In using natural oils & ingredients, Elysian provides your body and soul with complete holistic healing. All of our products are made with 100% natural and organic material. Our ingredients come straight from the earth and are put to gentle use, according to the ancient scriptures of healing.

Weaving the modern with the ancients

Mingling traditions with new practices is what we at Elysian do best. While keeping in mind principles of traditional healing as taught by masters of the art, we infuse modern practices of physical therapy in order to offer a diverse range of massage and other relaxation techniques to soothe your body, mind and soul.